A Quick View And Guidance Of Second Trimester Of Pregnancy

second trimester

The second trimester is three months between your pregnancy. It was a time when many women told the world that they are pregnant and start feeling like a pregnancy is more REAL.

As well as seeing and feeling pregnant during these weeks, the more energy you may have, than in the first trimester. It will come as a relief if you are struggling with sickness, fatigue or anxiety about getting through the first trimester of pregnancy.

When going through the second Trimester your bump gradually grows and later you will feel your baby is moving.

Second Trimester of Pregnancy

Week 13 quick view:

The second Trimester begins

  • Your baby’s kidney and lungs are functional.
  • Exercise is a great idea at this stage.
  • Your baby can burp, swallow and yawn at this stage.

Month 4 (Weeks 14 – 17) quick view:

Week 14:

Sexual organs in place, fingerprint visible

  • Your baby now has their own fingerprints.
  • You may experience a blocked nose due to the extra blood supply.
  • Girls have ovaries, boys have sperm production.

Week 15:

Your baby will recognize voices and favors.

  • Some mothers may experience gum inflammation and bleeding.
  • Food carving begins at this stage.
  • Some women develop Umea Nigral a dark outline around the baby bump.

Week 16:

Limbs and joints are developed, baby gets mobile

  • Your little one eyes are working now along with their muscles
  • All limbs and joints are fully formed, baby actively uses them.
  • Your baby is the Size of an avocado.

Week 17:

Baby is growing at pace and gaining functions each day.

  • Your baby may start to wriggle
  • Queasy days are over, the most mother can’t eat enough now.
  • Baby is practicing sucking and swallowing even now

Month 5 (Weeks 18-21) quick view:

Week 18:

Your baby’s sex Identifiable In scan.

  • There is a 50% chance of survival If baby is born at this stage
  • Your baby Is very active now
  • Your baby’s sex is Identifiable

Week 19:

Your baby’s hair grows.

  • You may experience heartburn and Indigestion
  • Your baby begins to put on weight rapidly
  • Vernix caseosa protects baby from amniotic fluid

Week 20:

Time for 20-week scan

  • Many Mothers have a 20-week scan and find out Babies sex
  • Mothers may have aches due to abdominal stretching
  • Your baby is the size of a pomegranate

Week 21:

Your baby’s taste buds are developing.

  • It’s a good time to start to attain antenatal classes.
  • Baby will be able to taste foods via amniotic fluid
  • Movement is often felt first during week 21

Month 6 (Weeks 22-26) quick view:

Week 22-23:

Baby’s senses grow

  • Your back, ankles, and feet begin to ache
  • Your baby senses light and recognizes voices
  • Stretch marks visible as baby doubles its weight over next 4 weeks

Week 24:

Baby’s lungs start to mature steadily.

  • Baby is the size of a coconut
  • Many pregnant Mother’s belly button pops out
  • If born now a baby has a high chance of survival

Week 25:

Baby is preparing to breathe air.

  • Babies enjoy Mothers voice, speak and read to Baby
  • Hemorrhoids and Constipation may become an Issue
  • This week nostrils open/lungs mature in readiness to breathe

Week 26:

The second trimester now ends, well done!

  • Baby opens eyes for the first time
  • Baby practices breathing air
  • Well done, the end of the second trimester has been reached!

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